12 Best Free Android Games


These games will help to pass the time in the subway or in the back seat of the car during a long journey. The main selection criteria are a free download, a high rating in Google Play and the ability to continue without an Internet connection.

1. Shadow Fight 2

A classic one-on-one fighting game that will appeal to fans of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. In addition to fights, the game implements elements of RPG. The player will have to pump his character, opening for him new blows, military weapons and clothes. In general, you will not be bored, especially since the developers have done a good job on the management and made it as convenient as possible.

12 Best Free Android Games

2. GT Racing 2

70 licensed cars from the world’s leading automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. Of course, the racing career will have to start with simpler cars, but even on the modest Dodge there is a competitive spirit. In fairness, we note that not all races are available without the Internet.

12 Best Free Android Games

3. Robot Unicorn Attack

A colorful game that will captivate not only children, but also their parents. There is nothing sophisticated in it: you help the unicorn to pass the incessant obstacles and collect as many bonuses as possible. If you do not compete with other players, you get an unobtrusive fun entertainment.

12 Best Free Android Games

4. Angry Birds 2

The main pig-bearer again challenges the brave birds, and they are only happy about it. There will be a lot of chaos and disgruntled screeching on the screen. Unlike the first part, there is even more destruction and pleasure. The most famous mobile game has no right to disappoint.

12 Best Free Android Games

5. Solitaire: Decked Out

The usual solitaire without frills and advertising. There is nothing distracting in the game, the emphasis is on the classic gameplay. In this case, you can turn the screen to a horizontal position so that the sensations are almost the same as at the work computer. 🙂

12 Best Free Android Games

6. Simon Tatham’s Puzzles

A collection of 39 puzzles with customizable difficulty. Here you can find both the familiar “Sapper” and less common puzzle games. If something is not clear, refer to the help, however, it is in English. In a difficult situation, you can cancel an action or use a hint.

12 Best Free Android Games

7. Unblock Me FREE

The puzzle is very stressful for the brain, although at the first acquaintance you do not expect this. The player only needs to remove the red bar from the screen, removing the yellow blocks from the road. It turns out that the task is not at all easy, especially if it must be completed in the allotted number of movements. It can take an eternity to complete 14,500 boards.

8. SimCity BuildIt

To be a mayor means to take care day and night about the needs of citizens, their safety, comfort, well-being. At the same time, we have to put up with the fact that, no matter how hard you work, there will still be dissatisfied people.

12 Best Free Android Games

9. Shattered Pixel Dungeon

A typical representative of the “bagel” genre, where levels are created randomly, and the player has no right to make a mistake. You have to wander through gloomy dungeons full of monstrous creatures and fabulous riches. Note that the adventure is completely Russified, making it even more interesting.

12 Best Free Android Games   12 Best Free Android Games

10. Kingdom Rush

Sinister monsters do not give rest to harmless peasants, whose life must be saved by a brave commander, that is, you. The game in the genre of tower defense offers to arrange military fortifications in such a way that the devil does not get to the peacefully grazing sheep and their owners. The action is very addictive.

12 Best Free Android Games

11. Survive: Wilderness Survival

The survival simulator simulates the extreme conditions in which you must survive with limited resources. Each of your actions will affect the character, every minute you need to think about what is more important now: heat, food, shelter or movement towards salvation.

12 Best Free Android Games

12. The Silent Age

A good quest with a thoughtful atmosphere and high-quality musical accompaniment. The game keeps in suspense from the first minutes and does not let go as the plot develops. It should be noted that all the clues, environments and dialogues with other characters are localized.

12 Best Free Android Games

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