5 Best Free Battle Royales on PC

We tell how to win “victory in the afternoon” without spending a penny.
Battle Royale is a genre that unexpectedly took over the world with the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale last year. Seeing the potential of this type of game, many developers began to create their own versions of the popular scheme.

Over the year, dozens of games have appeared in which users get to a huge location and try to survive in a gradually narrowing game zone. We’re going to talk about five free “battle royales” for PC that’s worth playing.

1. Ring of Elysium

In many ways, Ring of Elysium is similar to PUBG: the same mechanics (advanced customization of weapons, constant search for campsites) and an emphasis on realism. The main difference is the setting. Ring of Elysium matches take place in snow-capped mountains, where you can move around with the help of appropriate means: snowboard, glider and cable car.

Thanks to the unusual location, the game feels fresh: there is a lot of verticality in it, so you have to think through your actions in three dimensions at once. And in Ring of Elysium, you can do tricks on a snowboard, dodging enemy bullets – no other “battle royale” can offer this.

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2. Cuisine Royale

A game that was born out of a meme about a bullet-fighting pan in PUBG. The developers thought that it would be ridiculous to make a game in which almost all the equipment consists of kitchen utensils. As a result, they got a “battle royale” that is not much inferior to the source of inspiration.

And although Cuisine Royale is difficult to take seriously at first (players here literally wear basins and pans, and their health is replenished with pizza and ribs), this does not prevent it from generating tense situations. And it looks amazing – this is one of the most impressive representatives of the genre. It is even surprising that for such beauty they do not ask for money.

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3. Zeus’ Battlegrounds

In Zeus’ Battlegrounds, you have to play as one of several dozen demigods, whom Zeus sent to fight on a huge island. It is quite logical that there are no machine guns and pistols here. But there are a lot of types of edged weapons like axes, axes and swords.

Instead of first aid kits, Zeus’ Battlegrounds uses potions, and the items here are enchanted – then they give small bonuses to the characteristics, as in the RPG. So far, the game is in Early Access and there is not much content in it, and there may be problems with the connection. Nevertheless, you can spend several hours in it.

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4. Unturned

Unturned itself is something like Minecraft or Rust: in the main mode of the game, you need to collect resources, create items and survive. But in 2016, even before the release of PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale, The Arena mode appeared in Unturned – a real “battle royale”.

Despite the schematic graphics (unturned doesn’t even have shadows), the game is surprisingly well-thought-out. It has the physics of bullets, customization of weapons (sights, compensators, and so on) and even the ability to injure your legs by jumping from a great height – as in DayZ.

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5. Zombs Royale

Of all the “battle royales” that can be played directly in the browser, Zombs Royale is perhaps the highest quality. Despite the name, there are no zombies in it, but there are classic battle royale mechanics: hidden object search, narrowing zone and dynamic shootouts.

Zombs Royale is in every sense simpler than other games of the genre. Top view, two-dimensional graphics, not so many types of weapons. The map in the game is small, and the matches are very fast – literally in five minutes. Ideal if you want to relax during a break at work.

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