5 Tips to Help Win any “Battle Royale”


Optimal choice of weapons, constant communication and other tricks.

1. Land properly

In almost every “battle royale” you can choose a landing point or at least influence where your character will be. From the initial location depends on what items you can find, how many players you will face and so on.

The main tactical decision to make at this time is whether to jump into one of the hot spots on the game map. They usually contain a lot of powerful weapons and other useful things, and this always attracts other players. If you are confident in your abilities, know how to shoot well and are ready to take risks, then go for it. If not, it may make sense to land where there are fewer items, but a higher chance of survival.

5 Tips to Help Win any "Battle Royale"

It is also worth learning how to properly descend during the landing. In some games, users have found ways to help them land as quickly as possible, fly as far as possible, and so on.

2. Learn to shoot

Battle Royale is a subgenre of shooter. Therefore, first, in such games it is necessary to learn how to shoot. No matter how thoughtful your tactics are, it does not make sense if you react slowly and are not good at hitting the target.

5 Tips to Help Win any "Battle Royale"

If the game has a special training ground (as in Ring of Elysium or H1Z1), then it is best to study there. If not, then it makes sense to devote a few games exclusively to training. To do this, you can specially parachute into places with the hottest battles at the beginning of the match.

3. Choose your weapon wisely

There are many items on the game map, but not all of them are equally useful. For example, shotguns in “battle royales” are most often meaningless: most of the shootings occur at medium and long distances.

5 Tips to Help Win any "Battle Royale"

It is best to study and memorize the characteristics of each weapon in advance. So you will always know whether to take the found gun or better look for something else.

4. Keep in touch

When playing in a squad, it is very important to keep in touch with all its participants. Everyone should have a headset or at least just a microphone. It is necessary that everyone notifies each other about the useful objects found, the enemies noticed or heard.

5 Tips to Help Win any "Battle Royale"

Do not forget to use the navigation system (there are indicated the cardinal points and degrees), located most often at the top of the screen.

5. Choose the right clothes

In many “battle royales” there is an opportunity to choose how the character will look when he lands, how the weapons he raises will be painted, and so on. It’s a wonderful way to stand out. However, the problem is that in most games of the genre, it is not necessary to stand out.

5 Tips to Help Win any "Battle Royale"

Clothes and gun looks need to be chosen so that your fighter merges with the environment. The harder it is to notice, the harder it is to hit, and the longer it will live. Of course, in some projects (for example, in PUBG), the found jackets, body armor and helmets are worn over the starting items. However, you can never know for sure how much time you will have to spend in the initial clothes. It’s better to be prepared.

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