8 Puzzles “Three in a Row” With a Delicious Design


Colorful games with sweets, fruits, berries and desserts will help to have fun or pass the time.

1. Candy Crush Friends Saga

A new game from the Candy Crush series, in which hundreds of levels with various sweets are waiting for you. Combining cookies, chocolates and lollipops, you need to free all your friends. Each of them will be able to offer you help in passing the most difficult levels.

2. We Bare Bears: Match3 Repairs

Puzzle on the animated series “The Whole Truth About Bears”, in which you need to help Griz, Panda and White make repairs in their den, and at the same time equip the site. But first you will have to save the seals, find other animals hidden nearby, and manage the beds with the harvest.

3. Cookie jam

This game will offer an endless journey into the world of ginger cookies, muffins, waffles and other delicious desserts. You will find more than 3,000 levels, passing which you can get hold of recipes for sweets. It remains only to get the right ingredients.

4. Fruit forest

Visually simple puzzle with fruit theme. It weighs about 20 MB and works without internet. The number of attempts to pass the level is unlimited – you can play as much as you want and without a lunch break.

5. Jelly Splash

In this puzzle, simple swipes need to draw lines, consistently combining one-color jelly. The number of elements in the chain will depend on the number of points and the availability of various bonuses. The main thing is to avoid dirt and mucus, which will constantly interfere with you.

6. Puzzle Heart

In this “three in a row” puzzle, the main game elements are various berries and plants. By collecting them, you will help rebuild a city that was severely damaged after a recent hurricane. The construction element will allow you not only to erect buildings, but also to decorate the entire available territory.

7. Fruit Nibblers

This bright puzzle from the creators of Angry Birds will introduce you to unusual animals that are crazy about fruits. To get to the cherished delicacy under your strict guidance, they will have to deal with lizards and other annoying pests that destroy everything around.

8. Valley of Sweets

Another popular variant of the puzzle, “three in a row” for all those with a sweet tooth. In this game you, together with a confectioner, have to master the recipes of the most exquisite desserts from the Valley of Sweets. Sweets, donuts, lollipops, ice cream, cakes – all these are the favorite delicacies of cute animals that you will feed.

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