How To Fix Among Us Disconnected From Server Error


Players may receive the error “Disconnected from the server” after joining a game. The error prevents you from entering any game. You may be getting this error for several reasons. Here are the most likely possibilities and solutions!

How To Fix Among Us Disconnected From Server Error
  • Change your server

The error can usually be caused by the server. If you click on the Online section of the game’s main page and click on the world icon at the bottom right, your server will have changed when you click on the region name that appears.

  • Use Mobile Data

After the server, the most common source of problems is the internet network. If you don’t get an error in your subject with mobile data, the problem is your internet, you should look for ways to speed it up.

  • Use Windows Troubleshooter

Type Settings in the Windows search bar and click Update & Security from there. Click Troubleshoot on the left part of the screen that opens, select Internet Connections in the window that opens.

  • Reset Modem

Reset the modem, wait 1 minute and try to enter the game again.

  • Play the Latest Version of the Game

Game makers say it’s important to play the most up-to-date version of the game. Make sure to keep the game updated after logging in via Steam.

  • Keep Steam Updated

When you see an update on Steam, be sure to update it. After the update, turn it off and on and enter the game again.

  • Find out if the problem is due to Windows

You can detect the error by doing Windows updates.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is working properly. You may need to boost your internet.

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