10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android


They will help create a festive mood and entertain during the winter holidays.

1. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android

The Christmas version of the cult arcade, which does not lose its relevance. Help the festively dressed Dudler climb as high as possible, avoiding traps and dangerous enemies. By the way, next year the game will be 10 years old!

2. Subway Surfers

The seasonal update of one of the most popular runners adds to the Christmas entourage and makes racing through decorated cities even more fun. Look under your feet and hurry up: you are being chased by Santa Claus, who is not going to give gifts at all.

3. Hidden City

A mysterious adventure in the genre of searching for objects plunges into the atmosphere of a quiet winter town, which is prepared for the holiday. To find your friend, you will have to understand the secrets of the locals, explore mysterious locations and find sinister artifacts.

4. Candy Crush Saga

10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android  10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android

A sweet puzzle “three in a row” with millions of fans around the world. What could be better than completing colorful levels with candy combinations and competing with friends? Especially when you chew on sweets found under the Christmas tree.

5. Christmas stories. Gifts of the Magi

An exciting themed adventure in which you have to save your sister. She was the most obedient child, and evil spirits kidnapped the baby to spoil the holiday. Call on fairy-tale heroes for help, rescue your sister from the clutches of villains, and celebrate Christmas together.

6. Christmas Cookie

A bright New Year’s puzzle where you need to complete tasks and clear a place on the screen, picking up the same cookies. Use ingenuity and change the places of delicacies to fulfill the conditions for the minimum number of moves and get additional bonuses.

7. Disney Puzzles!

Better than beautiful puzzles can only be puzzles with plots from your favorite Disney movies. This collection contains the most popular scenes from “Frozen”, “Puzzle”, “Mickey Mouse Club” and other cartoons. Unlike conventional puzzles, digital ones have a big plus – nothing is ever lost.

8. Mahjong Journey

Mahjong is another great game, for which it is not a sin to spend a cold winter evening. In Mahjong Journey you will have to disassemble many pyramids of different configurations to help a young girl and her grandfather go around the globe in search of missing parents.

9. Bejeweled Blitz

10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android  10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android

Explosive arcade game from PopCap, which will always help to kill a few extra minutes of waiting. Rearrange colored stones, form chains for destructive combos, and compete with friends for the title of the best Bejeweled Blitz player.

10. Christmas Solitaire

10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android  10 Exciting Christmas Games for iOS and Android

A bright New Year’s version with a beautiful design that will cheer you up and allow you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday. In addition to the well-known solitaire games, there is a game mode where all the cards are open. Despite the apparent simplicity, in order to succeed, you need to think through moves a few steps ahead.

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