20 Best Games for iPhone and iPad


Shooters and puzzles, platformers and quests, races and fighting games are waiting for you.

1. Alto’s Adventure

Colorful indie platformer on the theme of snowboarding will please not only with serene winter landscapes, but also with a variety of tricks that have to be performed, conquering mountain peaks. Try new moves, combine feints into combos, and earn points to buy new equipment and other upgrades.

2. Among Us

An addictive online simulator with a detective bias and the mechanics of “Mafia”, the action of which is transferred to space. Participants are divided into two opposing teams of astronauts and impostors. The first to win you need to perform various tasks, the second – to secretly destroy the crew. The only catch is that everyone looks the same. And to understand who is who, you can only analyze the actions of others.

3. Beyond a Steel Sky

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure with a visual style stylized as a comic book, in the creation of which Dave Gibbons, the artist of the cult “Watchmen” by Alan Moore, had a hand. According to the plot, which will change depending on your actions, the main character stubbornly follows the trail to return the kidnapped child. He needs to overcome the difficult path through the wastelands to the last stronghold of human civilization.

4. Call of Duty Mobile

Multiplayer shooter in the setting of the popular franchise, stepping on the heels of P.U.B.G. Call of Duty Mobile has several game modes: in addition to team battles of 5 × 5 players, there is already a classic “battle royale”, as well as sniper duels and zombie destruction. For each victory, you get experience – it can be spent on new weapons and equipment that will provide a tactical advantage.

5. Crashlands

An explosive mixture of sandbox and RPG with an excellent crafting system, interesting quests and diverse bosses. Here, you have to help a space trucker survive on an unknown planet with hostile inhabitants, where he got as a result of a shipwreck.

6. Dandara

Hardcore platformer in the best traditions of the metroidvania genre, with good pixel art graphics and high-speed gameplay. Playing as a girl who can control gravity, you must explore huge, filled with traps and dangerous enemies levels to save the oppressed and dying world.

7. GRID™ Autosport

A full-fledged racing simulator with console-level graphics, realistic physics and a huge number of official cars and tracks. Immerse yourself in a career as a professional racing driver and test your strength in five different modes, including drifting, city racing and Formula 3.

8. Getting Over It

A bit absurd and therefore even more attractive simulator, which was created with the sole purpose of making the player suffer. You need to climb the mountain, sitting in an iron pot and clinging with a sledgehammer to stones, tree branches and other objects that will come across on a difficult path.

9. Hidden Folks

Painstakingly hand-drawn puzzle with monochrome graphics. The game is designed to test your attentiveness. Peering into the screen and interacting with thousands of objects of detailed interactive locations, you must find people, animals and a variety of objects in each level.

10. Mario Kart Tour

Exciting races with the possibility of online multiplayer, where a tireless plumber and his friends will be able to compete in speed on classic tracks and city tracks. As usual, not only driving skills are used to win races, but also special items and actions that allow you to slow down and neutralize rivals.

11. Monument Valley

A unique puzzle game with a mesmerizing visual style based on optical illusions. The surreal architecture that the player will explore with the silent princess makes you admire every level. But do not relax: to find a way out, you will have to strain your brain and stare intently at the screen.

12. Oceanhorn 2

Continuation of the colorful RPG, the action of which takes place a thousand years before the events of the original. The game has become even larger and is preparing a grandiose 20-hour adventure, which you have to go through with your companions. They will help to explore the secrets of Arcadia and neighboring kingdoms, solve puzzles and fight with the army of darkness sorcerer Mezmerot.

13. Playdead’s INSIDE

A gloomy post-apocalyptic puzzle from the creators of Limbo, which, despite the oppressive atmosphere, will not leave anyone indifferent. Help a lonely boy survive in a terrible dystopian world, where almost all people have been enslaved and turned into obedient zombies, and for those who remain at large there is a terrible hunt.

14. PUBG Mobile

The popular “battle royale”, inferior to the desktop version only in graphics. Find yourself on the island along with a hundred other players to defeat them all and remain the last survivor. Get weapons and equipment, use equipment, take advantageous positions and remember: the winner will get everything.

15. Roblox

A popular online sandbox with an open world, where you can both create your own and go through video games invented by other participants. Roblox opens up almost limitless possibilities for the implementation of creative ideas. Explore alien worlds and design your own by assembling them from cubes as a constructor and setting your own rules.

16. Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

The famous strategy in which you can create a whole empire, leading it along the path of development from the Stone Age to the present day. Choose one of the legendary leaders and make your nation the most prosperous on Earth through competent diplomacy, the development of technology and the conquest of new territories.

17. Street Fighter IV CE

A real fighting game from Capcom with super strikes and combos, as on arcade machines in the good old days. Choose one of 32 fighters and fight against your computer or other users in several modes.

For hardcore players, there is support for MFi controllers, which allows you to connect an external gamepad.

18. The Room

A game full of mysteries, in which you will have the opportunity to try yourself in the role of an intruder of sophisticated safes and boxes.

These mechanisms are real works of art, with hidden caches and key-ciphers that you can’t take by snoring. To get to the truth, you will have to scratch your head, be attentive and use logic.

19. The Wolf Among Us

Noir adventure with a variable plot. It is based on the Fables comics about monsters from fairy tales living in our world. Reinterpreted folklore characters here are quite colorful and are engaged in criminal cases.

Playing as Sheriff Bigby wolf, you have to restore order and understand a series of mysterious murders that put the whole fairy-tale city on your ears.

20. Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

A colorful sandbox with breathtaking dioramas in which you can create and explore virtual worlds, immersing yourself in adventures designed especially for you. Try yourself in the role of a creator and breathe life into the game environment, constructing stunning structures from blocks and populating them with characters.

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