10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend


You can read the book at home. There are many other ways to have a great time with family and friends outdoors. We promise: you will laugh a lot and definitely forget about work.

1. Darts with balloons

What you will need: darts, board, balloons.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Inflate the balls a little or fill with water. Attach them to a board or piece of plastic with tape or stapler. Throw darts one at a time and memorize your glasses. Different colors can mean different numbers of points.

2. Foot fishing

What you will need: a small inflatable pool, glass pebbles, a bucket for the “catch” for each team.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

A small inflatable pool or basin with ice water is placed on the ground. Small glass pebbles of different colors are poured into it, which are usually used for decoration. The task of the players is to catch as many pebbles as possible. “Fishing” is possible only with the fingers of one foot.

3. Giant “Jenga”

What you will need: a set for the game.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Usually, “Jenga” is played at home on the table: you need to take turns pulling out wooden bricks so that the tower does not fall. The loser is the one whose awkward movement brings down the structure. On the street, it is more fun to play “Jenga” of a large size – so you really risk being under the rubble of the tower.

4. See where you’re going

What you will need: balloons, thread, shoes.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Each participant is tied to the ankles by an inflated balloon. If two teams are playing, give each its own color so as not to get confused. Everyone runs around the yard and tries to crush the balls of other players with their foot. The winner is the one who bursts the maximum number of strangers and at the same time saves his own.

If you get bruised or injured in the midst of fun, do not be lazy to interrupt the game in order to immediately treat the wounds. Keep Levomekol on hand – this is an antibacterial ointment that quickly heals cuts, purulent wounds and light burns. A study by Ipsos Comcon in 2018 showed that this drug is most often prescribed by Russian surgeons to treat skin lesions.

5. Relays

What you will need: a ball, a playground.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Teams are lined up in columns, and after 10-15 meters a chip is placed in front of each one. Start one person at a time. You need to run to the chip and back at speed, performing different tasks. For example, stuffing the ball with your right hand, jumping on one leg, crawling – everything that is enough imagination. Then the next one from the column starts. For each round, a point for the fastest team is counted.

6. 500

What you will need: three balloons with helium, small balls.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Take three balloons of helium on a long thread. Attach something heavy to the end. Write on the balls the number of points: for example, 50, 100, 150. Participants take turns throwing small balls into the balls. If they are not, any bags or even old socks filled with sand will come off. The one who hits the target more often and scores 500 points faster wins.

7. Spikeball

What you will need: a spike ball kit.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

This game is similar to football and volleyball at the same time. It needs a special spring platform with a mesh. You can play one-on-one or team-on-team. Players can pass the ball between themselves with their hands and feet or immediately direct the ball to the net, from which it makes a bounce towards another player. When a team loses the ball, the other scores a point. The winner is the one who scores 21 points.

8. Limbo

What you will need: a rope or a wooden stick.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Two people hold a stick, and the player must bend back and pass under it. If you manage not to touch it with your stomach, the player shouts: “Limbo!” Over time, the game becomes more complicated – the stick drops lower.

9. Ring throwing

What you will need: skittles or bottles, rings.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Place the skittles a few meters away from you. Participants must take turns throwing rings at them from one point. If the skittles are multicolored, you can assign different points for each color. Skittles can be made by yourself from painted plastic bottles filled with sand or water.

10. Street Twister

What you will need: colored crayons or paint, stencil, tape measure from “Twister” or a presenter.

10 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer Weekend

Draw circles on asphalt or tiles with colored crayons. To make them even, cut a round stencil out of cardboard. There are special water-based colored sprays that can be painted even on grass – the paint will then be washed away by the rain. If you don’t have a tape measure for twister, you’ll need a presenter who will say, “Right foot on red,” and so on.

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