How to Change Discord Background


Discord background replacement options are quite practical. Everyone may want to color and theme Discord, which is used as a communication platform both verbally and in writing, according to their own taste and style. The most curious issue about this platform, which has become more and more popular, is the Discord background change issue. Boys are more likely to look for a dark background, while girls prefer lighter colors. Everyone gets the opportunity to use a background that makes them happy, thanks to the Discord background changing feature during communication or broadcasting and gaming.

How to Change Discord Background?

Discord background changing methods are divided into two. The most basic and simplest method is to open the user settings and choose a color from here. However, there are also those who want to change different themes and fonts instead of just changing colors. Based on this request, Discord background change can be done differently. You can learn how to change your own background in the most accurate way through the step-by-step items. The following steps should be followed for Discord background change;

  • First of all, you should open your Discord application on mobile or web.
  • You should click on the screen settings gear that opens.
  • You must enter the application section.
  • Then you should click on the themes option from the appearance section.
  • You can find the most beautiful theme for you and change your background by clicking the apply button.

How to Change Discord Background Mobile?

On the Discord platform, you may want to make not only a color change in the background, but also a theme change. To make this change, especially in the mobile view, your phone must first be compatible with the application. You can easily change the background of Discord on your Android and IOS compatible phones. You can choose dark or light mode using the built-in options in the application. However, for more different themes, you need to follow;

  • Launching the Discord application from Android or iPhone,
  • Clicking on the bell symbol in the upper left as the second step,
  • Then clicking the profile icon on the bottom tab,
  • Go to the View section,
  • Finally, choosing between modes.

Is Discord Background Change Safe?

For first-timers, the question of the reliability of the Discord background replacement is in the minds. This process is both practical and extremely reliable. You can change the background of Discord either from the mobile view or from the web view. Moreover, this background and theme changing process allows you to use the platform more colorfully and completely in your own style. Each user chooses the modes according to their preferences, and the options available in the menu can be increased. You can also make a difference by using dark or light modes together and have a cool Discord theme.

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