How to Change Email on Brawl Stars


How to Change Email on Brawl Stars, If you’re wondering how to change email on Brawl Stars, you’re not the only one. Millions of other players also are looking for ways to do the same. If you’re an avid player, this guide will show you the steps to take to make this change. In the meantime, you can continue playing. This will allow you to change your email to one that you’ll be able to use with the game.

In order to recover your lost account, you need to know how to log into Game Center. First, you’ll need to access your Facebook account. To do so, launch the Brawl Stars app and select Settings. Scroll down to the section called “Profile” and select Accedi con Facebook. Then, you’ll be able to change your email address to whichever one you want.

How to Change Email on Brawl Stars

If you’ve lost your account, you can recover it by signing in with your Supercell ID. To do this, open the app and tap on “Log in with Facebook.” This will enable you to login with your new email address. You’ll also be able to restore your progress if you’ve recently deleted your account. Simply open your Game Center account and go to the “Friends of Brawl Stars” tab in the app. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the option titled Accedi con Facebook.

If you’ve accidentally deleted your account, you can also retrieve your game progress using the same method. Just select the Login option on the main screen. Now, you can tap on “Stored IDs” to see all the progress that you’ve made in the game. In the “Log in” section, you can type your old email address. If you have lost your account, you’ll have to restart the game from where you stopped playing.

You may also be wondering how to change your email on Brawl Stars. First, you can use your Facebook account to log in to your game. Moreover, you can use your Facebook account to login to other games, such as the game. Once you’re logged in, you can continue playing your game with the new email address. In Brawl, you can easily switch between Android and Apple devices by following these simple steps.

To change your email on Brawl Stars, you should sign in with your Facebook account. This will allow you to access all the features of the game, such as the Game Center. It is also possible to recover your game progress when you’ve accidentally deleted it. Then, you should go back to the main screen and choose “Log in” by clicking on the game’s icon. In this step, you’ll enter the old email address and enter the new one.


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