How to Download Minecraft Premium for Free


Tips that will allow you to play Minecraft for free from five days to infinity.

How to download Minecraft for Windows, Linux or macOS for free

On the official website of the game there are links to download the program Minecraft Launcher for Windows, macOS and several versions of Linux. At launch, it will ask you to enter your Mojang account details, after which you can enable the demo version.

By default, you can only play for five in-game days, but this restriction is easily circumvented. The first way is to delete the level.dat and level.dat_old files in the Documents/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves/Demo_World folder. However, then the world created by the player will also be deleted.

The second way is to run an alpha or beta version of the game. To do this, in Minecraft Launcher, go to “Startup Parameters” and turn on the “Obsolete Versions” toggle switch.

How to Download Minecraft Premium for Free

Then, in the field below, click “Add”, in the “Version” field, select one of the old Minecraft releases and click “Save”.

How to Download Minecraft Premium for Free

On the “Demo” button, click on the arrow and select the configuration you just created.

How to Download Minecraft Premium for Free

For some reason, these versions can be played as much as you want.

For Windows 10 users, there is an alternative way to get a Demo of Minecraft – through the Microsoft Store. To do this, go to the game page in the store, click on the ellipsis next to the “Buy” button and select “Free Trial”. It is also subject to a limit of five in-game days.

How to download Minecraft for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 for free

To do this, go to the project page in the store and select the appropriate item: for Xbox 360 it is “Try the demo version”, and for PlayStation consoles – “Free. Demo version”.

The restriction here is the same as on other platforms: after five in-game days, the game ends.

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