How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road


The choice of solution will depend on the availability of access to the Network.

If there is no Internet

In the case when you do not have to rely on Wi-Fi, and the mobile Internet is too expensive, the most obvious option is to take with you some available portable devices.

So, a small laptop is perfect for undemanding games. The same Mass Effect, for example, will now run on almost any portable computer. Or you can pass the time for Super Mario World, Sunset Riders, Pokémon Red or Duck Tales.

How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road


Lightweight and compact consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita or Nintendo Switch also offer a good selection of projects. On switch, for example, you can put indie games Hollow Knight and Darkest Dungeon or blockbusters Doom and Super Mario Odyssey. And Vita will allow you to play some parts of Uncharted and God of War.

Well, if there is no laptop or console, then it is quite possible to do with a smartphone or tablet. There are not so many deep and story-oriented games here, but they still occur. For example, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Civilization 6, several parts of Grand Theft Auto, XCOM: Enemy Within and so on. To increase the level of comfort, you can connect a game pad to the mobile device.

How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road

If the Internet is available

Use cloud services

Cloud services allow you to play the most demanding projects on MacBook, smartphones and tablets with Android. The only condition is a good Internet, because the game actually runs on a remote computer, and only the image is transmitted to the user’s device.

Sony has a PlayStation Now service that has hundreds of playstation games available for playstation 2, playstation 3 and playstation 4. Unfortunately, it does not yet work in Russia. But if you often go abroad and know English, then this is a good option.

A similar service is at NVIDIA – GeForce Now. It has dozens of games available, including PUBG, Far Cry 5 and Final Fantasy XV. The service runs on PC, macOS and NVIDIA Shield.

How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road


In addition, there are dozens of smaller analogues. For example, PlayKey with the ability to pay not only per month, but also per minute, LoudPlayVortex and so on.

Broadcast from your home PC

A much more complex, but free variation of the previous method is cloud gaming from your own computer. To do this, you need a laptop, a home PC with a video card from NVIDIA and the GeForce Experience program, in which experimental functions are activated.

Through a laptop, you need to remotely connect to the computer using a special program like TeamViewer or remote Windows assistant and run the game.

How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road

Then, through GeForce Experience, you need to start a broadcast with the ability to control, copy the link and open it in the laptop browser. Done – now you can enjoy the game installed on your home computer, being a few thousand kilometers away. In theory, this method should work in any place where there is an Internet. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the delay will be huge, and the image quality will be mediocre. Plus, you will have to keep your home PC turned on throughout the trip.

Take advantage of Remote Play

If you have a PlayStation 4, you can use the Remote Play feature. This technology allows the set-top box to transmit the image not only to the TV or monitor, but also to smartphones, tablets, laptops and PlayStation Vita. Thus, to play games with PS4 on a journey, you only need to connect the console to an electrical outlet and connect it to an existing portable device.

How to Enjoy Video Games on the Road

To use this opportunity, you need to “make friends” of both devices before the trip. True, on the way you will have to constantly carry a PS4 with you, and you can play only where there is an outlet. But if you really want to go through the games from this console, then it is worth it.

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