How to Get 0 Ping in Fortnite


High ping causes game lag and can lead to wrong decisions, stress and defeat. You can usually fix all these problems.

How to Fix Fortnite Ping – What is Ping?

Interaction in networks is based on requests and responses. Your computer or smartphone sends a data packet to another node on the network and waits for a result.

Ping is the time it takes for such a packet to reach the selected server and it will send you a response. The parameter is usually measured in milliseconds (ms) – 1/1000 of a second.

The higher the ping, the slower the data exchange and the less information you can receive and transmit in a given amount of time. With a high ping, the graphics quality in Fortnite will be low and the delay where you can see the movements of other players will be large.

Why Ping is High Fortnite?

There are several reasons that affect this.

  • The length of the chain between two nodes. There can be as many intermediate nodes as you want between your computer and the desired Fortnite server. Each of them must accept the data, give a response, and forward the packet further. Generally, the greater the geographic distance to the server, the higher the ping.
  • The quality of your connection. If the provider limits the data transfer rate, uses old equipment, divides a small channel into many users, the ping will be high.
  • Server properties. Even if you transfer data quickly, it may take a long time to get a response from the server. The reason is high loads, low power and more.

Up to 50 ms ping is excellent: it will be very comfortable to play, you will be able to instantly react to the actions of opponents.

50-100 ms: the game does not “fly”, but rather “runs” quickly.

If the ping is more than 100 ms, delays are noticeable. You can’t react instantly, and this seriously reduces your chances of winning.

How to Show Ping in Fortnite?

  1. Go to Fortnite settings: open the menu in the upper right corner (3 lines in a row), select “Options” in the provided window, go to the “Interface” tab and set “On” for the “Network Debugging Statistics” item. Click “Apply” at the bottom and return to the game. After that, ping values ​​and other network parameters will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Perform a speed test from Speedtest by Ookla or another similar service: It will test your Internet connection and show the average parameters. Here, the ping value will be much lower, because the indicator is measured relative to one of the nearest servers. Fortnite’s servers are probably further away from you.

How to Lower Ping in Fortnite?

We’ve listed the tips from easy to complex. If the first suggestions didn’t help, move on to the next – this will increase your chances of playing Fortnite without ping.

Change Pairing Settings

In settings, go to “Game” and try changing the matchmaking region. For example, specify “Europe” instead of “Automatic” and compare ping values ​​in network debug statistics.

Disable Traffic Consuming Programs

Browsers, torrent clients, file downloaders, email applications, and other software can consume traffic and increase ping. Disable apps you don’t need. Also, check if automatic updates are downloaded for the operating system itself or for running programs.

Check the Device for Viruses

Malware can also consume traffic (for example, when sending your data to attackers) and increase ping times. Scan the system with an antivirus.

Use one of the free programs:

  • Kaspersky
  • Dr. WebCureIt;
  • SpyBot;
  • 360 Total Security.

Use the 5 GHz Band for Wi-Fi instead of 2.4 GHz

In addition to many computers and smart phones in recent years, PlayStation 4/4 Pro and XBox One support dual Wi-Fi bands. Communication on the 2.4 GHz frequency is not so fast and stable: this band is heavily loaded, there is more interference. And at 5 GHz, the connection is more reliable, the data transfer rate is higher, and the ping is lower.

If your device is labeled 802.11ac or 802.11b/g/n/ac, it supports both bands. First of all, check the router: if it does not work at 5 GHz, then Fortnite will not be able to use this option. If your computer, smartphone or console supports 802.11ac, but the router does not, connect directly from the modem or buy a new router.

Use a Cable Connection

Internet access speeds using a cable connection are generally faster than Wi-Fi and have lower ping. So, if it is possible to plug a cable from a provider or at least a router directly into a computer or console, this can improve the performance of your connection. For example, our ping with a wired connection averaged 43 ms, and with Wi-Fi it was 87 ms.

Make Sure Only You Use the Internet

If you live in a crowded house and everyone is using the internet at the same time, this will make internet use unbearable. Your internet package may not be enough for fast Fortnite and high-definition video at the same time.

Try talking to your family and suggesting that they download and watch the movies or TV shows they watch. Explain that TV shows are downloadable, but online games are not.

There is another solution, you can limit the internet speed of some modems “connected users”. If your modem does not support this, you can buy a router and use this feature, an average of $15.

We also recommend that you change the modem’s password: it may have been taken from the garden by neighbors or young people. If they are using your internet connection, your ping will go up.

Reinstall Drivers for Network Cards

Usually, users do not manually install drivers for network cards on a PC. Windows automatically finds them and generally provides Network access with such options.

However, new versions of drivers from a laptop, PC or especially a network card manufacturer’s website are more effective than those used by default. Download them and compare your Fortnite connection metrics before and after installation.

Install the Software

Programs such as ExitLag draw the most appropriate path from your computer to the nearest server in order to reduce ping. It also increases the FPS (frame rate) and makes your connection more stable.

Specifically, ExitLag has a 3-day free trial. You can test this during gameplay and measure ping in network debug statistics.

Change Provider

First, evaluate the quality of your internet connection. In the description of tariff plans, access is usually indicated at speeds up to 100 Mbps. However, it may not be “up to 100”, if the values ​​are lower, contact customer service, if there is still no change in your speed, you can switch to another ISP.

You can use to measure your internet speed. If you want to compare your tariff and the speed you get, you need to use a wired connection.

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