How to Increase FPS in PUBG Mobile?


Pubg, which is popularly played in many countries and attracts attention with its visual richness, can be played on mobile devices or computers. Many researches are made about the game, especially PUBG mobile fps increase, PUBG mobile 90 fps, and necessary steps are taken to play the game smoothly.

Many people play PUBG mobile on mobile devices -especially smartphones- and sometimes state that there are various problems with the game. As it is known, PUBG mobile does not work with the same fps on every smartphone, and this brings along various problems. For this reason, many people who are interested in the game are doing research on the subject and learning the methods of increasing fps through PUBG mobile fps increase 2022. But what exactly is Pug mobile fps, and what should be known about the subject?

What is PUBG Mobile Fps?

Many people who want to play the Pubg game professionally want to learn many aspects and methods about the game and do in-depth research on the topics they are curious about. fps, which is one of the curious ones within the scope of the game, has two different meanings from each other and the word carries both of these meanings.

Each of the game types in which the first-person perspective is dominant is called fps, and such games attract the attention of many people. As it is known, playing the game through the character in the game is quite intriguing and makes it possible for people to enjoy it.

Another of the Pubg mobile fps definitions that many people wonder about is Frame Per Second. The number of frames transferred to the screen in a single second is the second meaning of the concept that interests us. The increase in the number of frames projected onto the screen in a single second makes it possible to play the game much more enjoyable. For this reason, many players do their best to make the game enjoyable and enjoyable by increasing the fps.

It is a matter of curiosity how and through which methods PUBG mobile fps increase processes, which increase the fluency of the game, are made. So, how to increase the fps that people who want to enjoy the game are curious about, what are the points to be considered in this regard?

What is PUBG Mobile Fps Boost?

It is possible to state that there are different and effective methods for increasing PUBG mobile fps. These methods are very important for people who want to play the game in a much better quality and spend their free time pleasantly. But what are the prominent methods at the point of solving PUBG mobile fps problem?

How to Increase PUBG Mobile FPS?

There are effective methods for increasing fps from mobile devices, and within these methods, the pleasure of playing Pubg increases. As it is known, Pubg can also be played on computers and fps problems may occur within the pc. Professional and smooth fps settings on PC and mobile devices make it possible to play the game without freezing. But how to increase fps in pubg mobile?

People who want to increase fps over the phone need to download some applications, and these applications offer professional support for solving the problem. There are many applications where players can solve the fps problem, one of them is the application called HEX Editor. After downloading this and similar applications, certain operations need to be performed, so fps problems can be solved professionally.

PUBG Fps Boost Android 11

There are method differences between Android 10 and 11 at the point of increasing Pubg mobile fps, and it will be useful to first examine the solution methods in Android 11 and determine what actions should be taken for Android 11. At the point of increasing Pubg mobile fps, the process steps that can be listed as follows:

  • Reliably download the app called X-plore File Manager.
  • Grant the necessary permissions so that the application can run smoothly over the internal storage.
  • Download the file to your phone via the link given to you.
  • Android-Data-com.tencent.ig-Files-UE4Gam-ShadowTrackerExtra-ShadowTrackerExtra-Saved-Config-Android
  • Paste the file you downloaded into the Android folder.

If you do the above operations in the order given, you will have a new graphic option when you open PUBG. Through this graphic, you will have done PUBG mobile fps increase professionally.

PUBG Fps Boost Android 10

It is possible to specify that PUBG mobile fps increase is done in different methods within Android 10. In general, the methods listed as follows are very effective in increasing PUBG mobile fps:

  • Download HEX Editor app smoothly and reliably.
  • Open Pubg mobile and enter the “Graphics” section through the “Settings” tab.
  • Select the “Fluent” and “Extreme” settings in the window that opens and close the game.
  • Open the HEX Editor application smoothly and grant the necessary access permissions.
  • Open File-external-android-data-com.tencent.ig-Files-UE4Game-ShadowTrackerExtra-ShadowTrackerExtra-SAved-SaveGames-Active.sav
  • Tap the magnifying glass and press the search key.
  • Change the HEX Fragment option under String to String by typing “FPS” in the section that writes Find Value. Then click on “FIND”.
  • You will notice that the found value is marked. When you come to the 5th line, you will see values ​​such as 04, 05, 06 according to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Come to this section and switch to the editing area from the pencil section on the left.
  • Type 07 in the field that says “New Value” and replace the “String” option under it with “HEX Fragment” and click “Set Value” to complete your adjustments.
  • Log out by saving your settings via the floppy disk option in the upper right corner.

Each of the processing steps, which can be listed as above, is carried out within the PUBG mobile fps increase phone. With the execution of the operations in the specified order, the fps problems in PUBG mobile will be resolved quickly and professionally.

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