Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips


These tips will help to understand the non-obvious mechanics of the shooter.

Game world

1. Explore as much as you can

It’s the only way to see all that the game has to offer. According to the plot, you need to look at only five or six places in each location, and all the others will have to be found and studied by yourself.

Check the map often – question marks indicate the location of useful loot.

2. Use binoculars

With its help, it is convenient to look for safe ways and interesting places. Anything that stands out in any way by height, glow, or anything else is worthy of your attention.

3. Avoid mutants if possible (especially if there are a lot of them)

Metro Exodus is not one of those games in which you can exterminate a couple of hundred enemies per sortie. Artem is slow and clumsy, in a fight with several animals he will quickly be crushed by numbers. But mutants can not collect either cartridges or ingredients for crafting.

If you have a pack of animals in your way, wait for them to leave, or shoot them from the “Tihar” from somewhere from the top.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips

4. Fight people at night and mutants during the day

There are not so many animals during daylight hours, so it is easier to pass through the wilderness. At night, there are many more of them, so traveling is more dangerous. But when the sun goes down, it’s easier to hide from people — the perfect time to clear a bandit camp, for example.

5. Decide in advance whether you are a killer or not

In the game, there is an opportunity to finish almost every skirmish in the open world without casualties – cutting down opponents with fists. In this regard, Exodus resembles Dishonored. The non-lethal path is much more difficult, but the shooter rewards for mercy.

From whether the hero kills some enemies or not, depends on the attitude of different factions to him, the fate of his associates and what ending awaits him. It is easy to understand who should be spared: the real villains in the game can be seen from afar.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips

6. Finish exploring the location before the train leaves for the next one

You can’t go back. The mission, after which “Aurora” will leave the area, is easy to calculate from the context of the plot: the characters always make it clear what their plans are.


7. Remove upgrades from enemy guns

When you aim the sight at the weapon lying on the ground, a die appears, offering either to take it or disassemble it. The second option is very useful: Artem takes all the parts and ammunition from the gun.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips

8. Don’t forget to clean your weapon

On any workbench, you can clean a stained gun. This must be done periodically, otherwise the characteristics of the weapon will deteriorate.

9. Before forays, stock up on the Aurora or in the shelters

In the world of Exodus, you need to be prepared for anything. Therefore, the inventory should be filled to capacity with cartridges, first aid kits and other equipment before each trip.

10. Do not put on the weapon every detail found

Some improvements have a negative impact on the stability or accuracy of the guns. So always check to see if the part fits the role you’ve assigned to the weapon.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips

11. Attack unexpectedly and aim for the head

In Exodus, enemies take more damage if they are not in a state of combat. Therefore, get as close to your opponents as possible before you start shooting. And try to hit your head to save ammo.

12. Use a night vision device instead of a flashlight

The flashlight gives out your position, so in the dark it is better to turn on the night vision device. The main thing is not to forget to periodically charge it, otherwise it will be cut down with a loud squeak.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips


13. Listen to squad mates and other NPCs

They can share information about the location of useful loot or just interesting places.

14. Use quiet moments to get to know aurora passengers better

During the episodes on the train, do not rush to go to Melnik and continue the plot. Talk to your teammates, see Anya, find out how the driver and mechanic are doing. Characters are an important part of Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus: 15 Important Walkthrough Tips

15. Check your log often

Tasks can change as the mission progresses. To know exactly where you need to go and why, sometimes look in the magazine.

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