10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game


Do not make noise, watch the supplies, do not forget about pumping, and everything will be in order.

On the PlayStation 4 released the game Days Gone. The action takes place in a world struck by a terrible epidemic. A significant part of the world’s population has turned into freakers – a kind of zombie, but alive. You’re in the role of the former criminal Deacon, will have to survive in this world with the help of any improvised means. These tips will make it easier to complete the game.

1. Don’t rush into battle

It may seem like Days Gone is a typical open-world action game, but it’s not. If you pretend to be Rambo, you will have a lot of problems.

Remember that every cartridge counts, and the weapon itself is rather weak. If you shoot enemies not in the head, you can waste precious ammunition.

10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game

Don’t forget that freakers are everywhere. Move carefully so as not to attract their attention. If you start shooting, the enemies will flee from all around. Freakers are not classic zombies: they run very fast. Therefore, watch the visibility indicator in the lower right corner of the screen and try to kill enemies with a knife from behind.

If you are still noticed, do not panic and assess the situation. Only a few freakers are running towards you? You will easily cope with them in close combat. Use firearms only if you are surrounded.

2. Replenish ammunition and fuel in the camps

Periodically, you will stumble upon camps where you can take tasks from survivors and rest. At every opportunity, go to the merchant and the mechanic. The first will replenish your ammunition, and the second will repair the motorcycle and fill the tank.

The fuel gauge is displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen. It ends quite quickly, especially at the beginning of the game. And if you crash into something, including a freaker, the bike will be damaged. So always go to a mechanic — even if it seems like it’s not necessary.

If the motorcycle breaks down or its tank is empty right on the way, do not despair. Look for fuel and scrap metal nearby – you’re sure to find something.

3. Upgrade your motorcycle

At first, your bike will be very slow. Therefore, complete missions in camps: so you will pump the level of confidence and will be able to buy useful improvements for the motorcycle.

10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game

First, it is worth pumping the engine, after it – the fuel tank. The rest is up to you. But after the first two improvements, you will notice that the bike has become faster and can travel a much longer distance.

4. Use the pathfinder’s gaze

By clicking on the right joystick, you activate the pathfinder’s gaze. It’s an ability that highlights objects nearby. These can be weapons, first aid kits, scrap metal and other materials. Use the pathfinder’s gaze every time you find yourself in a building.

Periodically, you will stumble upon the remains of cars. In the trunk and under the hood can also be something useful.

Pay special attention to scrap metal – at the same time, you can carry up to 10 pieces. It is with the help of it that you will repair your motorcycle, and later and melee weapons.

5. Pump skills wisely

In the course of battles and tasks, you will receive experience points that can be invested in three branches of skills: close combat, long-range combat and survival. First, it is better to pump skills in the first branch, and when there are more fights at a distance, move on to the second.

10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game

At the first opportunity, buy the skill “Field repair”. Thanks to him, you can repair melee weapons with scrap metal. Good weapons like axes and machetes will come across quite rarely, so always try to repair them.

6. Clean up the foci of infection

Periodically in the walls of buildings and tunnels, you will find nests of freakers. When you are in the infected zone, the number of nests will be displayed on the screen. Find them and burn them with a Molotov cocktail, otherwise you will not be able to quickly move to this location later.

The infection zones are marked in red on the map, but the nests themselves will have to be searched. If you get out of the zone, Deacon will say so. Use this as a hint.

7. Create items

10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game

If you have the materials, open the weapon panel and build as many first aid kits and explosives as possible. So you will prepare for the attack of freakers and free up space in the inventory for important items.

8. Do not rush to go through side quests

Like other open-world games, Days Gone is full of different quests. But no one is forcing you to do everything.

Mandatory ones are marked with yellow icons, the rest with red and white icons. Sometimes there won’t be mandatory missions on the map at all, but that doesn’t mean you need to complete side missions right away. Just wait: sooner or later, Deacon will get a call on the radio, and you will continue to go through the storyline.

9. Avoid large clusters of freakers

Sometimes you will stumble upon huge hordes of freakers. If you are noticed by at least one of them, then the whole crowd will rush to you.

10 Survival Tips in Days Gone, a New Live Zombie Game

When you see the horde, jump on your bike and leave as soon as possible – especially if you have just started the game. Even when such crowds become an integral part of the plot tasks, it will be quite difficult to deal with them.

10. Search NERO checkpoints

You will learn about the organization called NERO at the very beginning of the game. There are checkpoints scattered around the world that must be inspected.

First, find the fuel and restart the generator to supply power to the doors. Then trim the wires of the speakers located on the roof so that the freakers do not run away to the sounds.

Inside you are sure to find a special box with an object that will instantly improve one of your main parameters – health, endurance or the look of a pathfinder. Such boxes can be found in all the places that the organization has reached. Therefore, pay attention to them even during the passage of story missions.

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