The 5 Best Western Games on PC


If you can’t play Red Dead Redemption 2, but you still want to go to the Wild West.

1. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

A shooter that tells the amazing story of a shooter who during his life fought with many legends of the Wild West: Billy the Kid, Jesse James and others. The main thing in the game is the chic shooting mechanics. Slow-mo, bonuses for a series of kills, many types of weapons – everything is aimed at ensuring that the player gets the maximum pleasure from the battles.

Gunslinger is also very stylish. The sounds of bullets flying by make you think of classic cowboy movies, and the bright color scheme and absurd dialogue seem to have migrated to the game directly from some old comics.

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2. GUN

Open-world action from developers Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and screenwriter Randall Johnson (“The Mask of Zorro”). The protagonist named Colton must find the villains who ruined his life, and take revenge on them. A small but full of interesting characters and locations world, battles with bandits and Indians, horseback riding under the scorching sun – there is always something to do in the game. And if you get tired of the plot, then you can take a side task to destroy some criminal authority or even work as a courier.

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3. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

Action about a mysterious creature named Wanderer, who lives in an unusual world. Despite the fact that the game takes place in a fictional universe, Stranger’s Wrath is a real western. The game has all the attributes of the genre: scorched deserts, small towns, intense shootings and hunting for criminals.

One of the main features of the action is that the arsenal of the protagonist consists of small creatures, with which he shoots enemies with a crossbow. Some simply bite opponents, others paralyze, others electrocute. When the enemy is defeated, he can be caught using a special device: they give money to bandits, and it is much more profitable to take them alive.

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4. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Although Bound in Blood belongs to the Call of Juarez series, it is not connected with the aforementioned Gunslinger either by plot or characters. The only thing that coincides is the setting and the genre: this is also a shooter, the action of which takes place in the Wild West. To save the family, the two brothers must find the mythical gold of the city of Juarez. To do this, they need to use their abilities (one is secretive and dexterous, the other is strong and accurate) and kill a lot of bandits.

Missions take place in small open locations that can be explored between missions. In most missions, you can choose which of the brothers to play for. This creates a variety: the gameplay for each of them is unique.

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5. Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

A classic tactical strategy, which is considered to be a clone of Commandos. In Desperados, you need to manage a team of several mercenaries who hunt the head of a large gang. The basis of the gameplay here is stealth. There are always more enemies than the main characters. Therefore, the player most of the time has to act secretly: quietly kill opponents, hide their bodies and make sure that his characters do not fall into the field of view of bandits. The game is colorful and very atmospheric, although some graphics in it may seem outdated.

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